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Imani P.


I’m a multimedia artist that specializes in illustration, graphic design, photography, and cinematography. I’ve been drawing pictures since I could hold a pencil. My favorite things to draw or paint are portraits of wildlife animals and anime characters.

Down below are a list of projects that I created.



Personal brand and small business where I sell custom art & designs and document the creative process. The maddmoniart name is just a online alias I’ve been using for many years now. The name comes from; Madd as in crazy, Moni is my actual nickname, and Art because that’s what I do. I created the logo for a graphic design college project, but I loved it so much because it captures my personality because it’s a sharp M with a pen that has an eye for design.


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Madd Canvas Podcast


What would you do with a blank canvas? Ask any artist, and you will have a different answer.

Check out the Madd Canvas Podcast where indie creators share their behind-the-scenes process.

Join Imani (MaddMoniArt) as she interviews visual artists who share their secrets and tips on art, comics, manga, animation, photography, film, design, anime, cartoons, and more! Also, tune in as she showcases and reviews indie comics.


At the time, I hurt my wrist and couldn’t finish my comic, but I wanted to stay positive and active in the community.

The idea started when I visited the Tapas forum, where I posted a thread about offering reviews. I gave feedback to other comic creators by showcasing their comics in presenting them in video format with commentary on my YouTube channel. Eventually, I started conducting interviews with the creators and sharing their responses.

I originally called this series Madd Indies and started sharing their work and my review on a dedicated blog and Instagram page. Over time, I decided to change Madd Indies to Madd Canvas. Now, I’ve turned this project into what it is today.

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Psychological Thriller Manga

Suffering from insomnia, Young, depressed, Dr. Aric Bleak, is a world-famous animal rescuer and investigator living in New York City. Seen by some as an animal-saving superhero but seen by others as a pesky vigilante punishing “alleged” animal abusers. Fed up with a corrupted society that exploits innocent beings and hides it from the public he gradually grows disconnected from reality as he dreams of the idea of everyone seeing the world through his eyes -- and saving the world.


Bleakville is Psychological Thriller Manga. It’s my biggest passion project. I’ve been working on making this series since I was 14, and it has went through a lot of changes. The hiatus started in 2019 due to a hand injury, but the project is still ongoing, with a teaser posted online. To stay updated on the project follow the link.

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YouTube Channel


I Share Tips & Reviews on Art, Indie Comics, Manga, & Anime & Interviews with Other Creators! If you are a creator and would like to share tips about creating art or comics, let me know so I can feature you on my podcast.


I’ve been editing videos for over ten years, playing around on Windows Movie Maker, and filing on my Nintendo 3DS (I know). I started sharing videos on the platform in 2014, but I never cared about it until 2020.

I have always had a passion for videography. I love sharing my opinion and documenting my art process on YouTube in a cinematic way. I hope my videos can inspire, entertain, or educate viewers.


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